Create it. Farm it. Trade it.

ADOR opens because human expression is essential!

By combining digital ownership and a DeFi ecosystem, creators and collectors alike can monetize their virtual assets 24/7, 365 days a year!

(50% of marketplace fees will be shared with "ADOR" NFT holders monthly, new ones issued each month)

Provide and lock liquidity to earn $ADORs






ADOR opens to place development tools needed to thrive in the hands of the creatives and the community.

Bitcoin has flourished with tech and utility alone, but in order for the human collective to embrace this virtual phenomenon, creativity must shine through. Hence our drive for the "VIRTUAL RENAISSANCE!"
  • $ADORs a true utility token needed to unlock all the features of our ecosystem.
  • Creators can earn & sell and market their services and creations.
  • Collectors can earn and acquire RARE & EXCLUSIVE virtual assets with ease.

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Money Guru

Money Guru

Money Guru Channel is all about how to earn money online 2020 and learning skills to make money from home. My main aim is to spread crypto awareness globally, to help people earn money online rather than having a 9 to 5.
Grow Your Base

Grow Your Base

We create owners. Earn & build your NFT portfolio.
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If you are an established creator looking to start a career in the virtual industry please contact us!

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ADOR opens because human expression is essential!

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