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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ADOR?

We are a platform that connects the traditional physical economy with the new emerging virtual reality. We use Non-Fungible Tokens, NFT's for virtual asset ownership on a blockchain.

How does ADOR marketplace operate?

Our marketplace currently consists of the ADOR smart contract for buying and selling the game items. More will be adding during the BETA Phase.

What do I need to make a purchase?

You can use a wallet extension like MetaMask (, or you can use paypal. For cryptocurrency payments fund your account with Ether order to purchase an item. (Make sure to backup and write down password & private key)

I lost my online wallet, now what?

You should have written down your private key & password, so you can easily restore.

Does ADOR charge transaction fees?

Yes, we take 2.5% from the price of a successful sale on all market action, and companies & creators are charged 5%. The original creator of an item can take a fee on the transaction as well. There's no fee to list items or buy items. But when you list an item, the site will tell you fee that will be deducted. If ADOR charges 3% and the creator takes 2%, the total fee will be 5%.

How can I be sure of the authenticity of my virtual item?

ADOR vet and verifies its creators and affiliate virtual rights. We use a PINK checkmark next to usernames to confirm that the owner of that wallet address is who they claim to be and have the rights to produce their virtual items. If you'd like to be verified, please contact us.

Do you issue refunds?

We do not issue refunds. We can only exchange or give you a generous platform credit.