Frequently Asked Questions

Farming, or liquidity mining, is a passive way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency. You can simply lock up cryptocurrencies and get rewards. This is also known as staking. In most cases, it works with liquidity providers (LPs) that add funds to liquidity pools. What is a liquidity pool? It’s a smart contract that contains funds. In return for providing liquidity to the pool, LPs get a reward like Uni-v2 LP tokens or BALANCER tokens. Those reward tokens then may be deposited to other liquidity pools or contracts to earn rewards there, and so on.
$ADORs is the utility token of our platform. Currently you can get it by contacting the team and participating in the EARLY farming events. Other ways to obtain $ADORs is to provide value, like releasing articles on top media sites, recruiting influencers, creating videos to dedicated communities and more!
We have several snapshots to take and reward all supporters of ADOR. The 1st has already occurred. The next one will happen with all “ADOR Opens” NFT holders, available for purchase here:
ADOR opens because human expression is essential!

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